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Camp Life Kosher Dining

EKC Kosher Dining Hall

All food served at EKC is prepared in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws of kashrut (kosher).

Your child will get plenty of wholesome, well prepared food.  Camp meals include daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon snack and evening dessert/snacks. Fruit and water are available 24 hours a day in the Chadar O’Chell (Dining Hall).  Most meals are served family-style where staff help campers choose their own portions. Our salad bar, peanut butter and jelly, fresh fruit, plain noodles and an alternative vegetarian entrée are available for all campers at every meal. EKC is peanut free with the exception of peanut butter and jelly stations that are separate from the camper seating areas.


Emma Kaufmann Camp is proud to offer a dedicated Gluten-Free kitchen for all campers and staff.

Through a generous donation, we opened the fully dedicated and separate Gluten-Free Kitchen in the Summer of 2015, though EKC has been serving Gluten-Free meals for its campers and staff for 5 years.

The kitchen is supervised by a Special Dietary Captain (SDC) whose sole purpose is to ensure the strict adherence to safe handling and food preparation at all meals and snacks. While only the “SDC” prepares and serves the gluten free food, all food service personnel are trained and educated on the required dietary restrictions and safe food handling techniques. The “SDC” wears a fluorescent green vest for easy identification to separate him/her from the rest of the kitchen staff.

Separate special dietary menus are created and posted for each meal to ensure that the campers and staff are fully aware of what is available at each meal, however, all menus match the general daily menu items that all campers are being served. Additionally, all gluten free campers and staff are welcomed to the salad bar first to enjoy their food before the rest of the campers.

All Gluten-free food is ordered by the “SDC” to ensure that it is in fact gluten free, and all meals are Kosher.

 All staff, including counselors and food service personnel, understands the practical and emotional aspects of children and adults with Celiac and/or other food allergies. The campers and staff with Celiac Disease are identified at the beginning of the session and are greeted with a personal introduction from our “SDC.” All gluten free menus match the general daily menu items so that all campers are being served equally.

For more information, please call us at 412-339-5412 or email Sam Bloom at sbloom@jccpgh.org.


EKC employs a professional food service company to handle our meal service.
Menus are prepared in cooperation with a nutrition consultant. We attempt to balance good nutrition with institutional cooking needs and popular foods that campers enjoy eating.