EKC Winter Camp

During our Winter Camp program, our team of Education Support Coordinators will assist teens prioritize their scholastic commitments and complete their remote schoolwork while also providing the engaging and wholesome camp experience teens have grown accustomed to. We will offer structured study/instructional periods, group games, organized free periods and much more to ensure that the teens are living active, engaged, outdoor, healthy lifestyles, especially after having sat in front of a computer for virtual schooling much of the day. All meals and snacks will be provided and unlike during the summer, teens will be able to bring their cellphones and/or other personal electronic devices with them to Camp.


We believe that EKC’s Winter Camp will provide your teen with a unique opportunity to both grow and enjoy themselves as we continue to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.


Dates: Sunday, December 6 – Saturday, December 19.

Ages: 8th – 10th Graders



7:00am – 7:45am: Optional Fitness/Wellness Activities

7:30am: Breakfast (Grab and Go)

7:30am – 3:30pm: Remote Learning (earlier school start times can be accommodate)

3:30pm – 4:30pm: Organized Free Time, Homework Support, and Mind Break

4:30pm – 6:00pm: Optional Camp Activities

6:00pm – 7:00pm: Dinner

7:00pm – 8:00pm: Evening Programs (Campfires, Cooking Challenges, and more!)

8:00pm – 9:30pm: Homework and Academic Support



Teens will play a role in helping determine what special activities we do on the weekend, which will include opportunities to obtain community services hours through EKC beautification projects. In addition, weekends provide us the chance to enjoy activities that your teens generally look forward to while at Camp in the summer. On Friday evening, just like we do in the summer, we will welcome in Shabbat as a community.


*Teens are able to use the EKC Fitness Center during throughout their time at Camp.



After missing out on a traditional summer camp experience and with several weeks of virtual learning already under their belts, having the opportunity to be around their friends at Camp is exactly what we believe our teens need. While the pandemic has, in some respects, allowed us to develop new skills, grow as individuals, and become more flexible in response to an ever-changing environment, we know that spending two weeks at Fall Camp will provide teens with a unique set of memories that will last a lifetime. Our core bet is that Camp is the perfect antidote to months of anxiety and mounting uncertainty.




We will work hard to create a daily experience that allows for classroom time, meal times and breaks as each camper’s school schedule allows. We ask that all teens’ parents email us their daily school itinerary so we can confirm that the proposed daily schedule will in fact accommodate every camper’s needs. Rest assured, all teens will attend their full day of classes and will be required to complete school work before they will be allowed to participate in any camp activities. Additionally, our staff will help ensure that campers are attending their classes, doing homework themselves, and meeting with advisors, social workers, and other specialists as scheduled.



In order to make sure that everyone has consistent access to the internet, we will be providing each camper with their own WiFi hotspot device. We have tested these WiFi hotspots at Camp and we know they work and have internet speeds that will be sufficient to use for virtual learning. A hotspot uses a cellular network connection to create a WiFi signal for other devices.

Campers will also need to bring their own laptop computer and/or tablet to connect with school virtually and to complete their schoolwork. Campers will be allowed to have their cellphones with them at Camp.


Academic Support

Our staff will assist the students to the same level that a parent would help, but our staff are not teachers or tutors. Essentially, our staff will be playing the same role as parents do in remote schooling. Our staff will be providing social and emotional support, helping ensure the campers are fulfilling their commitments, but leaving the teaching to the campers’ school teachers.


As needed, we will be able to provide specific subject support to our teens through virtual tutoring sessions with educators we have contracted with. This is available at no additional cost to your teen while they are at Camp.


Parent Involvement

Parents will need to submit a school schedule or synchronous learning schedule for their camper. Every teen will have a specific staff member who will ensure that they know their schedule and attend their classes, take quizzes and tests, participate in group projects, etc.


Classroom Space

There will be a variety of locations throughout the EKC facility used as classrooms so that we can provide our teens with both a quiet and personally appealing space to do their school work. The spaces include our Dining Hall, Camp Office, the common area of the Beit Chosky, and

many different outdoor areas (weather dependent). Teens will be encouraged to utilize any outdoor area around Camp as a classroom if they like.



Housing – Beit Chosky (The Beit)

Our teens will be living in our Beit Chosky, which is a dormitory style building at Camp. We will have one side for females and one for males. Teens will sleep with a maximum of 3 per room, which each teen receiving their own bunk bed. The Beit includes a large common area that will be a great space for our teens to unwind. The Beit is a heated building.



Teens will not have to do their own laundry. Sorry! We will wash it for them and ask them to fold it, however. Laundry will be available throughout the Winter Camp program, as needed, by the teens.


Food & Snacks

Meal time will be a little bit different than during the summer so we are flexible and able to accommodate varying school lunch schedules. We envision breakfast to be a “grab and go” breakfast with cereal, fruit, bagels, toast, and more. Lunches will be available for an extended window of time to fit within the different school schedules. Dinners will be family-style since everyone will be out of school by then. For food, we are using the same food service company that delivers the high quality food your teen is used to enjoying every summer.


Snacks, both during the day and evening (and late evening), will be available and accessible to your teen. During our orientation, we will make sure to take note of the snacks they enjoy the most and do our best to make sure there is a constant supply of them.



Afternoons and evenings offer our teens the opportunities to participate in our regular camp programming. We will offer instructional periods, group games, organized free periods and more to ensure that everyone is living active, engaged, outdoor, healthy lifestyles, even after being stuck in front of a computer for virtual schooling much of the day.



In addition to their roles as Educator Support Coordinators, our staff will be responsible for the teens’ overall well-being while at EKC. They will be looking to ensure that Winter Camp is safe, fun and engaging for all teens, with the extra component of making sure that they do their school work. Both Aaron Cantor (EKC Director) and Brooks Weaver (EKC Assistant Director) will be onsite the entire time, providing the same support as we would during the summer. In addition, we have will our experienced summer staff of Melanie Mantel, Morgann Green, Jared Friedman, and Andrew Horvitz on site as well.



Unlike summer camp, we will allow the campers to use their cell phones while they are here. If you need assistance in connecting with your teen, just let us know. Your teens will be able to receive packages and other mail while they are here, in case there is something you want to send them that they left at home.



We suggest that our teens bring enough clothing for 10 days, knowing that laundry is available as needed while they are at Camp. Temperatures will range from the high 40’s/low 50’s during the day, to the high 20’s at night – please bring clothing that is appropriate for their stay at Camp. Below are some items we encourage you to bring, in addition to your 10 day supply.

  • Laptop + chargers
  • Cell phone + charger
  • School supplies needed — pencils, notebooks, highlighters, calculator, etc.
  • Headphones (noise cancelling suggested)
  • Down comforter/heavy blankets/twin sized sheets
  • Sweatshirts, warm jackets, and pants
  • Cold weather gear: Winter hats, gloves, pants, jacket, and long underwear
  • Shabbat Whites



We will be adapting our Covid-19 plan from our Family Retreats this past summer to use for our Winter Camp, and you can find it here, Winter Camp COVID-19 Playbook.



Our health center is fully stocked for all potential medical needs. EKC’s has nurses, from our summer team, on call and ready to support us should the need arise. Any medications required by a teen will be dispensed by either Aaron or Brooks.



The all-inclusive price for Fall Camp will be $1,895, and to reserve your space, please contact me directly ([email protected], 412-339-5412 (o), or 585-752-3340 (c)). Please note that we must have at least 15 teens registered no later than Friday, November 20 in order for us to run this unique and exciting program. We look forward to hearing from you soon!