June 17, 2018

First Day of Camp – We are Family!

By Sam Bloom


Sun. Chicken Nuggets.  36.  Free Swim.

Old friends.  New Friends.  Happy staff.

Chugim begins tomorrow.

Hugs.  Bunk beds.

Summer Camp.

Leagues begin Tuesday.

Spaghetti and Meatballs tonight.

First all-camp campfire with singing & dancing.


Every Kid Counts

We Are Family

26 more days!

Emma Kaufmann Camp!

What a great day.  And what a great feeling.  When those buses roll in to camp….campers singing and banging on the roof tops.  Staff cheering. Campers waving out the windows.  Bursting off the buses.

Hearts pumping.  Bursting with love.

You’d have to be here to believe it.

We are so lucky to spend the summer with your child!

Come back for more on Wednesday.