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Summer 2018 Age Groups

Sabra (2nd  – 4th grade)

Our youngest campers live in Camp Circle. Camp circle cabins are equipped with bathrooms and showers. Up to 12 campers and staff can be placed in one cabin.  Sabras do the majority of their activities as a cabin group.  The one exception is “Sabra Free Day” held once each session where campers get to choose their activities for the day.  Sabra campers will also participate in an “under-night” which is like a camp-out without sleeping outside, cooking dinner on the fire, roasting s’mores, playing music and games.  Each Sabra will also have a big brother or sister from the 10th grade groups to do special activities with, go to free swim, and eat meals together on selected days.

Kineret (5th – 6th grade)

Campers entering 5th and 6th grade primarily live in cabins in Camp Street. Each Camp Street cabin is equipped with bathrooms and showers. Up to 12 campers and staff can be placed in one cabin.  Kineret campers are scheduled for four Camper’s Choice periods, 3 Chugim periods and 2-3 League games weekly.

Halutzim (7th – 8th grade)

Campers entering grades 7 and 8 live in an area of main camp called Claire and Vern Reingold Park, where up to 14 campers and staff can live in a cabin. “The Park” cabins are each equipped with bathrooms and showers. Halutzim campers have 4 Camper’s Choice periods a week and meet with their Chugim 3 times per week.

Teen Village (9th – 10th grade)

Campers entering grades 9 and 10 live in Teen Village, an area of camp across a bridge available only to campers in this age group.  Teen campers live in tents with a wooden platform, arranged in groups of four called “quads.”  Each quad has three tents for campers and one tent for staff.  All tents have lights, electricity and flaps that can be completely closed and up to eight campers can live in one tent.  Quads are separated from each other by woods and green space, and all campers and staff share the new renovated teen bathhouse.  Teen Village also contains a building with a pool table, couches, and soda machines called the Rec. Hall.  Teen participants can enjoy up to 4 Camper’s Choice periods each week as well as programming specific to the teens which include a camp newspaper, teen yearbook, “tikkun olam” (good deeds around camp), Teen Challenge (mini-Maccabi Games), Teen Addition (campers learn how to design new projects and activities for camp).

CIT (Counselor-in-Training Program)

 The Counselor-In-Training program is a 9-week leadership program for teenagers entering 11th grade. The program consists of 23 days in Israel, followed by 3 weeks at camp learning how to be staff members and being trained to come back and work at camp the following summer. CIT’s live in the Beit Chosky, a retreat-style lodge complete with bathrooms and air-conditioning. Each CIT much complete an application and have an interview in order to be considered for the program. For more information or to apply, please contact Rachael Speck at 412-697-3539 or rspeck@jccpgh.org