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About EKC Testimonials

Chris, Staff Member

This summer was incredible, it just gets better every year. EKC has changed my outlook on life completely and has lead me to a strong ambition to work with children. My career when I am older will involve working with children!

David, Staff

I would like to say from the bottom of my heart thank you! Working at EKC was one of the greatest summers of my life for many reasons. It gave me life long friends, enhanced my personality and passion for life. It improved my relationship building and gave me stronger initiative and problem solving. A lot of what I learned at EKC has stuck with me to this day.

Ben, Camper

This will be my 8th summer at EKC and the friendships I’ve made with campers and counselors, both in Pittsburgh and out-of-town, are friendships that will last a lifetime. The memories I’ve made with them and at the camp will be with me forever!

Lisa, Parent

The level of communication between the EKC and parents is exemplary. The staff is not only extremely professional but very caring. Their number one priority is the kids and it really shows. I can’t say enough good things about it!

Ian, Parent

Time away from us has taught our son and daughter to be there for each other and to look out for one another. Their relationship at home has been enriched because of camp.

Cheri, Parent

My kids love the JCC atmosphere here in Columbus and EKC offers that same perfect mix of friendships, togetherness, and Judaism.