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Camp Life Rules & Regs

Emma Kaufmann Camp Honor Code

EKC staff and camper’s model enthusiasm for Jewish identity and values & celebrate Jewish and Israeli culture by building community and lifelong friendships (yedidut).

Living Jewishly at EKC encompasses the welcoming tradition of hachnasat orchim, inclusive of children of all backgrounds. Values rooted in our Jewish heritage set the tone for daily life at camp which will shape a Jewish vision that inspires children, staff, parents and alumni. Understanding Jewish values will offer our campers & staff the opportunity to live better lives and have stronger Jewish identities.

EKC is our special home each summer. In order to make it a comfortable place for all campers and staff, we must treat each other with the highest level of respect (kovod) and acts of loving-kindness (gemilut chasadim). This code of behavior or Honor Code (Kod Hitnahagut) is what we will all strive for while at camp.

For the benefit of ourselves and each other, as well as for Emma Kaufmann Camp, campers must pledge;

  • To treat every person at camp with respect, proper language and appropriate physical contact.
  • To treat the natural surroundings of camp and the property of others with careful respect and will work to improve their quality.
  • To prevent injury, both physical and emotional, of everyone in our camp.
  • To follow the rules that the Emma Kaufmann Camp administration and committee develop and expect of all campers*
  • To make this trustful promise to others, and to know that others make this promise to me.

Staff will work with campers who violate the social norms as expressed in this Honor Code, as we do with any camper and camper group having difficulties and challenges throughout the summer. In the event, however, that these norms cannot be followed, we may dismiss a camper for inappropriate behavior. Behaviors that may lead to dismissal include, but are not limited to, physical aggressiveness with campers or staff, frequent emotional attacks on others, inappropriate language, absences from the cabin group or activity areas that result in a lack of supervision, destruction of property, and not following the direction of camp staff. The Camp Director makes the final decision regarding any camper that must be dismissed.

In the event that a camper is dismissed due to behavior, a parent/guardian or emergency contact MUST pick up the camper on the day of dismissal. Camp will attempt to work with the family to make arrangements for the camper’s safe return home.

For a printable Honor Code form click the link below.

Honor Code