July 26, 2019


By Pamela Nestor


Raccoons have been invading the teens’ space for far too long; it’s time to fight back. They’ve tried yelling and using their flashlights to scare the raccoons away, but to no avail- they always come back. There is only one solution…. Team up with a well-known cartoon duo to improve this toxic relationship.

So, let’s meet this Trip’s competitors:

WHITE TEAM: Aang and Appa from the Avatar series.

YELLOW TEAM: Ash and Pikachu from Pokemon.

BLUE TEAM: Sven and Kristoff from Frozen.

RED TEAM: Stewie and Brian from Family Guy.


Throughout the summer, teams will compete in tug, the Apache relay, dance marathons, dodgeball, and other activities to determine which cartoon duo is the right one for the job. Let’s go Teens!!