July 29, 2019

What a Weekend!

By Pamela Nestor

We slept in Saturday morning and ate cinnamon rolls and cereal. Then we spent the morning doing activities with our units! We ate sandwiches for lunch, and then headed to the open upper ballfields for games and free swim! We hung out in the pool and enjoyed popsicles to stay cool.

Sunday was an exciting day! We ate waffles and fresh fruit for breakfast, cleaned up our areas, and went off to activities. Halutzim boys lifted in the gym, perfecting their forms for squats and kettlebells. Kineret boys and girls worked on their improv skills in Drama. Two campers acted out a scene on stage, everyone else sat in the audience. An audience member could yell “freeze” and take the place of one of the actors on stage and continue the scene. Then, we ate chicken nuggets, tater tots, and the salad bar for lunch, and got back into activities! Sabra and Kineret made shrinky dinks in arts and crafts, and the teens tie-dyed.

After a dinner of latkes, chicken wraps, falafel bar, and the salad bar, we went on a scavenger hunt! Campers collected characters on paper and chocolate coins on their way down to the lake to celebrate Hanukkah in July! We gathered at the cove and had a dance party! After we lit the candles and said the prayers, a boat started approaching… Jacob Halpert, lake specialist, was driving with a sign that said “Turn Around!”

We looked behind us, and there they were! The Color War Captains! They sprinted out from the shed followed by smoke bombs of matching colors. Everyone cheered and raced back to the dining hall to find out their teams!

We all found out our teams and gathered with glow sticks and headbands of the right color: red, blue, green, and white all flashing in the dining hall! We turned out the lights and had a dance party until it was time for bed.